FEATURE BLOGPOST: What The Health: The Ultimate Rebuttal by Onnit Academy

This week we're sharing a blogpost on a topic that resonates with us in the realm diet and nutrition. We are firm believers that diet is the most important aspect of healthy running. Without healthy nutrition optimal running for a lifetime is impossible. And because we believe strongly in this relationship among food, running, and health, we were dumbstruck when we saw Netflix's disastrous documentary - What The Health?, which was released earlier this summer


Enter, ONNIT ACADEMY, (a comprehensive database of information related to Unconventional Training, a unique new form of fitness methodology that focuses on functional strength, conditioning, and agility using the most efficient means and tools possible. Give them a look!) who posted a rebuttal blog article to the false claims made by What The Health?


After reading it...we couldn't have said it any better. Enjoy!