TRUEFORMS at Aerobic Capacity - CrossFit Specialty Course

Cookeville, TN: In its third annual trip to CrossFit Mayhem, the Aerobic Capacity course, led by Chris Hinshaw, will use TRUEFORM RUNNER non-motorized treadmills to help facilitate the robust learning experience his course has to offer. CrossFit mainsite list the course's learning objectives as, the Aerobic Capacity Course teaches:


  • How fatigue develops and limits athletic performance.
  • How to maximize cardiovascular fitness by creating an optimal balance between the energy systems.
  • How to apply training based on aerobic capacity, lactate threshold and aerobic threshold to target personal goals.
  • Speed-endurance and strength-endurance training protocols to increase overall work capacity.
  • How to assess and identify any athlete's aerobic fitness.
  • How to create individualized "paced" workouts and heart-rate-based programming.
  • How to understand and perform the dynamic warm-up.
  • Assessment, recruitment, sequencing and endurance development of the muscle-fiber spectrum.
  • How to incorporate modern endurance-training methodologies into the full spectrum of CrossFit functional movements (e.g., weightlifting, gymnastics).