What does a day look like at Power Monkey Camp? Wake up for a yoga session at 6:00am, chow down on some breakfast at 7:00am, head over to a group warm up at 8:00am to prepare for the day's back to back training sessions from 9:00am to 1:00pm, break for lunch mid day until 2:00pm, followed by an hour of free time to explore camp, get to know fellow campers, and prepare for the day's third training session from 3:00pm - 5:00pm, cool down until 6:30 during an instructional seminar or special guest demonstration, refuel at dinner until 8:00pm, head over to a movement assessment seminar or open gym until 10:00pm, and if sleep isn't on the agenda yet, enjoy the campfire! Oh, and did I mention Power Monkey Camp is 6 days long. Now that's an itinerary that's making me feel a little weak in the legs, especially, because just like last spring 10 TRUEFORM RUNNERS will be present at this year's Spring PMC17. 

"Having the TrueForm Runners at Power Monkey Camp has added a new dimension to the week that campers, coaches, and guest athletes all love. Whether it's for learning a handstand or improving your squat, the main emphasis within all our stations at Power Monkey Camp is setting a foundation based on proper technique. With the incorporation of the TrueForm Runners and our incredible running staff, led by Chris Hinshaw, we can now teach proper running mechanics to our campers. Thanks to the TrueForms, the running segment of Power Monkey Camp has become one of the most popular stations." ~ Dave Durante, Founder - Power Monkey Camp

The camp will be hosted at the Flip Fest Gymnastics Camp in Crossville, TN. Here, during the week,100 campers will experience a multitude of athletic programming each day from gymnastic rings to clean and jerks, tumbling to squatting, and jump roping to running just to name a few. In total there are ten different athletic experiences that each camper will complete before the week is out. The running experience will utilize 10 TRUEFORM RUNNERS and be led by Chris Hinshaw of Aerobic Capacity. If you're attending this camp and running is your weakness, there is no better teacher and tool combination for you to begin making huge improvements. 

Check out the video of some past camps below.