TrueForm at the NYC Marathon

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TrueForm is a New-England based manufacturer of best in class non-motorized treadmills featuring the shallowest curve on the market, only 2.5” (6.35 cm) between the high and low points [find out here why this is important]. Our Responsive Belt Technology® is proven to dramatically improve performance by reducing impact stress, increasing efficiency, and addressing imbalances that may lead to injury.

Maximise your Indoor Season

Using a treadmill as a tool in your running program is not a compromise regardless of the season, but during the winter months in New England, or the Summer months in the south, a treadmill is an invaluable tool to ensure you are race ready year round. .

  • Treadmill training offers a controlled training environment that enables a more consistent tracking of progress than outdoor running where temperature, humidity and other unpredictable running conditions are not contributing factors.
  • Running on a treadmill allows the runner to focus on pace, footstrike, form, and training goals without distraction or interruption.
  • Limit your variables - maximize your results.