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Join the TRUEFORM Movement Club.

TrueForm's Independent Affiliate Network will help grow our #runtrue community.

For example:

Refer a friend that buys a TRUEFORM.TRAINER* - you get $167.27*

Refer a friend that buys a TRUEFORM.RUNNER* - you get $312.45-$364.45*


What are the benefits of TRUEFORM's Affiliate Program?

Once accepted into TrueForm's Affiliate Program, you can benefit from the following perks:

  • Your commission structure is based on 5% of MRRP net of shipping which means you will earn 4% commission on all valid sales. 
  • Generous 90 to 360 day cookie period (dependent on offer and performance.
  • A full range of affiliate banners and promotional materials
  • Automated product feed
  • Frequent affiliate communications regarding offers and new products
  • Gifts available for affiliate-run competitions and promotions

Who can become a TRUEFORM Affiliate partner?

We've partnered with established websites including:

  • Sports Equipment
  • Sports Events
  • News sites
  • Health and fitness sites
  • True content sites
  • Bloggers

How will my friends and contacts benefit from my joining the TRUEFORM Affiliate Program?

Once you become an Affiliate partner, you can offer your customers the following:

  • Advanced notice for sales
  • Customer promotions

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