TrueForm Runner Curved Non Motorized Treadmill - Floor Models

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TrueForm Runner Curved Non Motorized Treadmill - Floor Models
TrueForm Runner Curved Non Motorized Treadmill - Floor Models
TrueForm Runner Curved Non Motorized Treadmill - Floor Models
TrueForm Runner Curved Non Motorized Treadmill - Floor Models

NOTE: These Runners are curved non motorized treadmill demo units with < 10 miles on them The covers, handrails, and displays might have some scratches or blemishes.

Color Variations are available as shown.

These units come with the full TrueForm Runner warranty.

MANUFACTURED IN CONNECTICUT, USA The TrueForm Runner is the most natural running treadmill ever made. It's Responsive Belt Technology® is proven to dramatically improve running form by reducing impact stress, reducing asymmetry, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of injury. Users will burn 44% more calories on a TrueForm Runner than on any motorized treadmill.

The TrueForm Runner leads the Curved Manual Treadmill pack. It is over-engineered and hand-built in the USA with a best-in-class warranty to provide a lifetime of heavy commercial use.

The TrueForm Runner’s gently curved deck will enhance your performance whether you are sprinting, running, jogging, or walking. With no motor, you supply the power that drives the belt meaning you will burn 44% more calories than on a motorized treadmill, and 10% more than the TrueForm Trainer. With no motor, there are no limitations to top speed. The Runner will move as fast as the exerciser can physically go.

Unlike flat or inclined motorized treadmills, the TrueForm Runner features an innovative curved deck that is controlled 100% by the movements and force of the athlete using it. It forces you to maintain good posture, and use your core strength, hamstrings, and glutes to drive the belt backwards. Its Responsive Belt Technology® rewards technically-sound posture, body position, balance, and cadence enabling you to intuitively learn efficient movement patterns.

The Runner’s Smith and Wesson Kreiburg® rubber slats provide a firm surface for stable contact and more efficient push-off and gait cycle for healthy, supported form during running. Set your own limits or push right past them. The TrueForm Runner can handle even the most advanced and intense cardiovascular training regimens, creating the nearest simulation of genuine road running.

This rugged "built like a tank" machine can take up to 700lbs walking, or 450lbs running at top speed so don't be afraid to train in all your combat or first response gear!

The TrueForm Runner has a very gentle curve of 2.5 inches from lowest part of curve to the highest point at the front and rear. Some other manufacturers have a curve of 6.5 to 8 inches, allowing the runner to move faster in an easier fashion since gravity is assisting with the movement downward once the foot plants. Under machine-assisted acceleration, the runner tends to fall forward trying to perpetually chase the belt, and running more "quad dominant" with less focus on the posterior. With the TrueForm Runner, you focus more on what's beneath your feet. With a lower curve, the TrueForm keeps you in better dynamic balance with less focus on trying to keep up with the belt. As you get accustomed to running with proper form, the feeling becomes easier and you can build performance, endurance, and resilience.

The TrueForm Runner’s innovative design forces you to run a little slower than you might on other curved treadmills, encouraging you to focus on time on the machine, not distance traveled. Running for time instead of distance is how the heartrate-based endurance community actually trains, and is the difference between exercising for long-term health versus short-term fitness. At the same speeds as outdoor running, training on the TrueForm is harder work, since it results in more muscular recruitment, more CO2 production, more lactate producing, and is more metabolically and aerobically taxing. At the same time, runners will feel less impact stress (g-force stress) than running on a motorized treadmill or outdoors.

Because the runner is required to be in balance at all times, leading to constant core recruitment. Training on the TrueForm Runner results in less stress, more effort, moving better in balance, and moving under proper positioned load to support your own bodyweight. Run strong and stay injury free!

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