Naboso™ Technology & TrueForm Launch the First and Only Proprioceptive Treadmill

Naboso™ Technology & TrueForm Launch the First and Only Proprioceptive Treadmill

A patent-pending textured material developed by Naboso™ Technology, a leading proprioceptive insole and mat company, is now being used in combination with the TrueForm Runner, a precision-engineered, curved non-motorized treadmill.

The new treadmill, called the Naboso™ TrueForm Runner, uses Naboso™ Technology’s textured material as the tread surface as a means to optimize foot and neuro activation when walking and running.

Naboso proprioceptive tread surface on a TrueForm runner.

Initially created to improve movement in those living with chronic neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, and post-stroke, Naboso™ Technology’s patent-pending texture material works by targeting specific nerves in the bottom of the feet. The benefits of Naboso™ combined with the non-motorized, TrueForm Runner treadmill has great potential to change the way rehabilitation centers are looking at neurorehabilitation, gait training and orthopedic injuries. By increasing foot activation through the Naboso™ material, patients will be better connected to their foundation and improve proprioceptive feedback.

From a performance perspective, athletes who use the Naboso™ TrueForm Runner can significantly improve their running gait, minimize impact stress, increase joint position sense, control force production, and alter impact forces. The treadmill’s Responsive Belt Technology (RBT) enables users to feel when their body is not in the optimal position for walking or running. Poor posture and form result in the belt moving slowly, while proper posture and form move the belt with ease. Long-term use of the Naboso™ TrueForm Runner offers the potential for better movement patterns and improvement in overall health and wellness.

Each Naboso™ TrueForm Runner is hand-made and customizable. To order a Naboso™ TrueForm Runner, go to or call TrueForm at 860-895-8533.

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