Fueling The KTSI 100KM Treadmill Charity Challenge

Fueling The KTSI 100KM Treadmill Charity Challenge

Below is a letter written by Norman Lui expressing TRUEFORM's involvement in the success of the KTSI 100KM Treadmill Charity Challenge by Kai Tak Sports Park Hong Kong:


I am Norman, Race Director of the captioned event, and the Senior Manager of Community Sports, Kai Tak Sports Park HK. I write to express our heartfelt appreciation to Truform for the support to the KTSI 100KM Treadmill Charity Challenge!

KTSI 100KM Treadmill Charity Challenge is the first-ever large-scale indoor treadmill relay race in Hong Kong co-organized by Kai Tak Sports Park (one of the largest sports infrastructure in Asia) and Kai Tak Sports Initiative (the charity arm of KTSP). The excellent quality of Truform is crucial to the success of the event! We are receiving tones of positive feedback of the treadmill, most of them are from professional runners, HK running teams representatives, club coaches, ameteurs, Doctors etc. In fact, the fastest marathoner in HK was in the race and enjoyed a good distance running on the treadmill! Most of the runners were surprised with its durability and high quality (the best team completed the 100KM in 5 hours 27 mins, so the average speed is around 3mins/KM, not much treadmill can do that distance and speed!). The most important thing is, they all agreed that the machine can actually change their running form, which is the core objective of treadmill design!

The event was a big success with over 500 runners from 40 establishments, 13 running clubs and elite teams as well as 40 family teams, involving over one hundred grandfathers, fathers and sons/daughters. In the course of two days, participants accomplished more than 2,000 kilometres in total. The mileage will be converted into 140,000 calories equivalent of food which will be donated to Food Angel for sharing amongst underprivileged groups in Hong Kong. Together, the runners also broke three UN SDG World Records in Sustainable Development Goals! On the publicity side, the event has attracted the city's attention with over 50 pieces of media coverage. No doubt this was one of the biggest sports event in HK with this level of publicity.

Thank you once again, we are already planning the event on Sept 2024 and it will come back to our park area. See if we can collaborate again for this very meaningful event!

Norman Lui
Senior Manager, Kai Tak Sports Park"