TRUEFORM.™ treadmills are valued by professional coaching staff, medical practitioners, PTs, and Chiropractors, for prehab and rehab. FORM. is in our DNA!

Prehab & Rehab


Walking correctly is essential for preventing injury and maintaining long-term mobility. Our existing bio-mechanics are so ingrained that it is almost impossible to change our gait without professional support. TRUEFORMs can support your journey back to healthy walking and running patterns. Its simple. If you don't adopt the correct form, the belt does not move. [READ MORE]


The TRUEFORM Runner, curved manual treadmill is available with Naboso® Technology’s patent-pending textured material on the tread surface, as a means to optimize foot and neuro-activation when walking and running. Athletes who use the Naboso® TRUEFORM.™ Runner can significantly improve their running gait, minimize impact stress, increase joint position sense, control force production and alter impact forces. [ READ MORE]