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We have partnered with Rig Financing to offer commercial gyms and fitness businesses an alternative form of financing.


  • The team at Rigquipment Finance works exclusively with boutique fitness businesses, resulting in an unparalleled understanding of studio-level economics as well as broader industry trends. By working with a lender that specializes in this industry and has worked with thousands of gyms nationwide, applicants receive access to tools and support to help their business grow that extend beyond just capital.    
  • Rigquipment Finance is a direct lender and everything from application to funding to collections is done entirely in-house, resulting in fast approval/funding timelines and flexible financing solutions.
  • The team at Rigquipment Finance focuses on building long-term relationships with its customers, which is particularly beneficial for businesses with long-term expansion plans.

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Equipment Financing Product Overview
  • Commercial/Business applicants only
  • Full payout finance lease (rent-to-own): There is no buyout at the end of the term. Simply make all of your monthly payments and the equipment then belongs to your business.
  • Fixed monthly payment
  • Terms of 12 to 60 months
  • $5,000 - $250,000 financed
  • 3% origination fee due at closing, but no cost to apply
  • Last month's lease payment due at closing as Security Deposit. 
  • Qualifies for 'capital lease' treatment for tax and accounting purposes: You get the benefit of writing-off depreciation as well as the implied interest component of the financing payment. Also qualifies for Section 179, allowing you to write-off the entire cost of the equipment in the first year (generating a deduction that often exceeds the amount paid towards the financing agreement during that time).
  • Rigquipment Finance is a direct lender (not a financing broker) - Customers can contact us directly to request an early payoff, to add additional equipment or secure multiple concurrent financing agreements with Rigquipment. 
Application Process Overview
  • After submitting the initial application, applicants will receive an automated email that provides access to our online portal. Your username will be the email address you applied with and you can select any password of your choosing. In conjunction with your personal credit history (reviewed via a soft pull - no impact to personal credit), we will use the following information to determine approval, rates and terms. The three steps can be completed in any order.
    1. Step 1: Complete an online questionnaire that will ask you to input general information about your business. We use this information to build customized financial projections specific to your business and to assist in the approval process.
    2. Step 2: Schedule a call with a Rigquipment Finance team member. This call will be used to discuss your financing need in further detail as well as answer any questions you might have.
    3. Step 3: Submit a short punchlist of documentation via the online portal regarding the business model, facility, capital sources, and owners.

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