Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a treadmill?

We understand that choosing a treadmill is an investment in your home, your gym, your health, and your well-being. Here are a few questions and answers to help you decide whether a curved manual treadmill is for you. Please contact us to talk to one of our team about your training goals.

There are many reasons why top athletes from a wide range of sports, choose to incorporate a Curved Manual Treadmill into their training and game-day activations. The bottom line is they are all looking for some combination of performance, endurance, and resilience.

The more natural your running form, the faster you can sprint, the further you can run, and the more likely it is that you can stay injury free or recover from a prior injury.

A Curved Manual Treadmill will give you a closer experience to road or field running than a flat, inclined flat, or any motorized treadmill.

You will excerpt about 33% more effort on a Curved Manual Treadmill than on the road or field, and this translates to improved performance on your field of play.

While the curve may make you feel a little off-balance to start with, in just a few strides the Responsive Belt Technology® will force you to adopt (and importantly maintain) a proper posture - more representative of a natural running position than running on a flat or inclined flat belt motorized treadmill.
The system is designed to exploit the vertical and horizontal contours, pulling the belt down and back from the walking or running stride, thus removing the need for an electric motor—a benefit for those who want to pace themselves naturally.
The differences, while not highly visible to the naked eye, are enough to help slightly de-load the body with vertical ground reaction forces. This enables greater HIIT without the strain on the musculoskeletal frame that roadwork or traditional treadmill workouts can create.
Many users also find it helps in cuing the downward acceleration of the thigh to create vertical forces at the top end.

The shallower the curve the more neutral (and natural) your running form will be.

The more natural your running form, the faster you can sprint, the further you can run, and the more likely it is that you can stay injury free or recover from a prior injury.


Welcome to the world of TrueForm Curved Non-Motorized Treadmills. TrueForms feature the shallowest curve on the market, only 2.5” (6.35 cm) between the high and low points. This, together with our Responsive Belt Technology®, are proven to dramatically improve performance by reducing impact stress and asymmetry, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of injury.

Both of these Get On and Go treads are simple and user-friendly for all ages and skill levels,  and ideal for team events and relays with no complex electronics and no top speed. Users will burn over 40% more calories on a TrueForm Runner than on any motorized treadmill and over 30% more calories on a TrueForm Trainer.

Choose from the rugged "built like a tank" Runner and customize it with your choice of running surface, color, and design, or choose the lighter-weight Trainer, still a workhorse of a treadmill, but more compact to take anywhere – inside or out!


Build Quality: Overbuilt like a tank, and-crafted in Connecticut, USA, the iconic Runner is the bedrock of our collection and will take anything you throw at it up to 700 lbs (317 kgs) walking, or 450 lbs (204 kgs) running at top speed. The outer frame and covers are formed from a single sheet and hand-welded from 7 gauge (4.5 mm) steel, with formed steel handrails and uprights.

The textured powder coat finish has a zinc plated undercoat and the frame with an industry-leading 20 year guarantee. Turned and tooled solid aluminum pulleys, polyurethane with steel radial belts, fiberglass reinforced nylon undertreads, and 106 sealed steel ball bearings complete this beast. The Runner comes with a standard tread of bonded Kraiburg® Thermolast Overmold Elastomer.

The simple, rugged, LED display, like the rest of the Runner, is practically maintenance-free and built to last. Zero electrical consumption translates to significant savings for gym owners.

Customization: The Runner is the only Curved Non-Motorized Treadmill to offer customization with your choice of running surface, color, and design. With the TrueForm Runner you can train on sport-specific surfaces in shoes (elastomer, turf, or track), cleats (turf), spikes (track), or go barefoot (elastomer, turf, or our Naboso® Proprioceptive Surface). Why would you train or warm up on a surface that does not match your field of play? With the Runner you don’t have to compromise.

How does it feel: Running is part of every sport from basketball, football, track & field, crossfit, triathlon, to gymnastics and tennis. FORM is the cornerstone of performance, endurance, and resilience. Form is, and always has been, our Focus. To TrueForm those words are not a slick marketing phrase, picked up from our competitors along the way, it is our reason for being. That Focus is designed into our Runners through every phase of engineering design, manufacturing, and testing at our training facility in Connecticut, USA.

Under traditional, machine-assisted acceleration, a runner tends to fall forward, perpetually trying to chase the belt, and running more "quad dominant" with less focus on the posterior. Not only does this lead to poor form, but through that an increased likelihood of injury. With some other curved non-motorized treadmills, a curve of 6.5” to 8” (16.5 to 20 cm), allows the runner to move faster in an easier fashion since gravity is assisting with the movement downward once the foot plants.

All Trueforms have an innovative very gentle curve of 2.5” (6.35 cm) inches from the lowest part of the curve to the highest point at the front and rear. With the TrueForm Runner you focus on what's beneath your feet, keeping you in better dynamic balance often lost when trying to keep up with a belt. 

With a slightly heavier feel than the Trainer, or any of our competitors, the TrueForm forces you to run a little slower than you might on similar curved treadmills; focusing on time on the machine, not distance traveled. Running for time instead of distance is how the heart rate based endurance community trains, and it is the difference between exercising for long-term health versus short-term fitness.

At the same speeds as outdoor running, training on the TrueForm is actually more work, since it results in more muscular recruitment, more CO2 production, more lactate production, and is more metabolically and aerobically taxing. Studies demonstrate that this increased performance continues when you get off the treadmill and run on the road or your field of play. For more fat burning effects, it is recommended to run long and slow and you will use up to 40% more calories using a Runner than any motorized treadmill, and approximately 10% more than on the Trainer.

At the same time, runners will feel less impact (g-force stress) than running on a motorized treadmill or outdoors. The user must be in balance at all times, leading to constant core recruitment. Training on the TrueForm Runner results in less stress, more effort, moving better in balance, and moving under properly positioned load to support your own bodyweight. Run strong and stay injury free!


The TrueForm TRAINER is also a non-motorized treadmill with a gently curved running surface and is a rugged, quality-built solution for any gym or sports facility. Just like its big brother, the Trainer is designed to be virtually maintenance-free and great for the environment - no electricity needed.

The Trainer is a Get On and Go Workout. Simple and user-friendly for all ages and skill levels and ideal for team events and relays. It offers a budget-conscious alternative to the USA hand-crafted Runner and its lighter weight and compact size make it easy to move and maneuver for indoor and outdoor competitive sporting events. Want to take your trainer up a mountain? No problem, we’ve done that!

Build Quality: Make no mistake, the TrueForm Trainer is still a workhorse of a treadmill, with its steel frame construction and heavy-duty, impact absorbing slatted running surface it can handle users up to 400 lbs (181 kgs) running at top speed! When TrueForm first introduced running to the CrossFit community we were asked for a lighter-weight version of our Runner. Our engineers were up for the challenge and, together with our partners in South Korea, they value-engineered the Trainer. The Trainer features an inner frame of formed and welded 7 gauge steel, and handrail uprights formed from 6” (15 cm) steel tubing. The molded polymer and thermoplastic elasstimer treads run on 112 sealed steel ball bearings. Its lightly textured black powder coat can be customized with decals on the covers and uprights. The LCD battery-operated display can be paired with the Polar heart rate monitors. 

How does it feel: With the same gentle curve of 2.5” (6.35 cm) from the lowest part of the curve to the highest point near the front and rear, the Trainer, like it’s big brother the Runner, features the most gentle curve on the market and the proprietary Responsive Belt Technology® reacts to every subtly in your movement – balance, posture, hip position, foot strike and more – creating a more natural treadmill running surface and experience than other motorized or non-motorized treadmills. The Trainers belt responds to your pace, allowing you to go from a walk to a jog, to a sprint, to a stop – instantly. You will immediately feel when your body is not in the optimal position for running or walking. The runner has to be in balance at all times, improving core strength. Although you will feel the difference immediately, both on and off the Trainer, long term use of TrueForm treadmills has been proven in studies to promote better movement patterns improving overall health and wellness.

Running on the Trainer results in less stress, more effort, a 33% higher calorie-burn than motorized treadmills, more balanced movement, and running under properly positioned load to support your own bodyweight, all while reducing the risk of running injury. Run strong and stay injury free!

Since you do not need to propel your body, traditional treadmills don't activate your entire leg. A CMT forces your legs to propel themselves from the first stride. You do not "follow" the speed you create it. As a result, there is no top speed, a CMT will go as fast as you want it to go.
You determine your acceleration and deceleration pace and distance, not the way in which the motor is calibrated. No more setting a single speed on the machine and forcing your feet to keep pace. If you feel like sprinting, you don’t need to push buttons and wait for the motor to speed up, simply run faster. If you want to slow down, slow down. That’s the beauty of a self-propelled treadmill.

They’re safer to use. Since there are no automatically moving parts, there’s no risk of the belt moving too quickly, causing you to slip off. With a CMT, the belt only moves when you move it.

Yes - you can run barefoot on any of our treadmills. The Kreiburg Rubber surface on both the Runner and the Trainer is more forgiving than the road.

If you are considering a TrueForm Runner, the Naboso® surface is a proprioceptive (also known as kinesthesic) for barefoot running only.

The TrueForm Runner is the ONLY treadmill to offer a variety of running surfaces including synthetic turf and blue or red track.

You can run in shoes or cleats on the turf surface, and shoes or spikes on the track.

Absolutely! People especially like the artificial field turf availiable for the Runner. It's like running on grass!!!


CMTs are more compact than motorized treadmills. There are no bulky motors making for simple and easy storage in smaller living spaces.

For boutique studios, where premises costs are high and every square inch matters, the TrueForm provides a superior training option for your clients than a motorized treadmill, in a smaller footprint, and with lower running and maintenance costs.

Electricity Required No

Handles for ease of movement Yes

Maximum Load/ User weight 700 lbs (317 kgs) walking or 450 lbs (204 kgs) running top speed

Calories used compared to a motorized treadmill 43% more

Length/Width/Height 64" x 36" x 63" or 163 x 91.5 x 160cm

Running Surface 17" wide x 54” long or 43 cm wide x  137 cm long

Height of Deck from Ground 11” / 28 cm

Unit Weight 350 lbs / 159 kgs

Shipping DIMs 70” x 40” x 21” and 400lbs or 178 x 102 x 53 cm and 181 kgs

Inner Frame Formed and Welded 7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel

Outer Frame Formed and Welded 7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel

Covers Formed and Welded 7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel

Handrails 2"/5 cm Formed Steel Tubing

Handrail Uprights 6"/15 cm Formed Steel Tubing

Paint Zinc Plated Undercoat / Textured Powder Coat Finish

Custom Paint Available Option

Belts Polyurethane with Steel Radial

Tread Lower Fiberglass reinforced nylon

Tread Surface Bonded Kraiburg® Thermolast Overmold Elastomer

Alternative Tread Options
5/8”/1.59 cm depth Artificial Turf or Rubberized Red or Blue Running Track

Bearings 106 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings

Pulleys Turned and Tooled Solid Aluminum

Display Bright LED Rechargeable Battery (BT Optional)

Performance Adapter Available Option

Electricity Required: No

Handles for ease of movement: Yes

Maximum Load/ User weight: 400 lbs (181 kgs) running or walking

Calories used compared to a motorized treadmill: 33% more

Length/Width/Height: 64" x 31" x 63" (163 x 79 x 160 cm)

Running Surface: 17" wide x 54” long (43 cm wide x 137 cm long)

Height of Deck from Ground: 14” (35.6 cm)

Unit Weight: 300 lbs (136 kgs)

Shipping DIMs: 73” x 32” x 24” and 326lbs (185 x 81 x 61 cm and 148 kgs)

Inner Frame: Formed and Welded 7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel

Outer Frame: 2"/5cm Steel Tubing

Covers: Plastic

Handrails: 2"/5 cm Formed Steel Tubing

Handrail Uprights: 6"/15 cm Formed Steel Tubing

Paint: Lightly Textured Powder Coat Finish

Custom Paint: Not Available

Belts: Polyurethane Reinforced

Tread Lower: Molded Polymer

Tread Surface: Molded Thermoplastic Elaastimer

Alternative Tread Options: Not available

Bearings: 112 Sealed Steel Ball Bearings

Pulleys: Injection Molded Polymer

Display: LCD Battery (BT Optional)

Performance Adapter: N/A

Because your TrueForm doesn't require a power source it can be set up anywhere, not just near an electrical outlet.

The answer is yes - depending on where you live. For northern climates or those where temperature differentials are higher, we recommend that you keep the treadmill indoors through the colder months. For those areas that have a more consistent temperature, we have clients who keep their treadmill outside, under a porch or other cover, year-round.

Yes, you can. Full instructions are included with every Treadmill. We recently had a message from someone who described themselves as a "60-year-old woman" who described how easy it was to assemble her TrueForm and she had just completed her first two-mile run.

That said, if you would prefer one of our technicians to deliver and set it up for you - please call and we can arrange that for you.

None - your TrueForm is easy on the environment and will save you electricity at the same time.

Orders and shipping

For orders outside the Lower 48, please contact our sales team to request a personalized shipping quote. Please note that except otherwise stated, due to the turbulence of shipping rates at the present time, all quotes are valid for a maximum of 10 working days from the date of quote.

We can and do ship all over the world. Shipping offers (e.g. price includes shipping) is limited to the Lower 48 contiguous United States. For shipping costs to other locations worldwide please contact us via phone or email for a quote.

TrueForm Runners and Trainers have varying ship dates. If delivery by a certain date is important to you, please contact sales via the CHAT button below.

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email from our shipping department with the tracking number and instructions. Custom color and tread surface (Runners only) may take an additional 5-14 business days to ship.

Your TrueForm is shipped via FedEx, which provides curbside delivery. Curbside means FedEx is only obligated to bring your TrueForm to the curb/driveway. It is your responsibility to get your TrueForm into your home.

Please note FedEx have a maximum wait time. Details will be in your shipping documents. If you do not accept your product within that time FedEx will charge an additional fee.

White Glove Delivery is available for Runners and Trainers in the Lower 48 for an additional fee - please add White Glove Delivery to your cart.

All shipping dates are approximate. We make every effort to fulfill shipment on time however COVID and natural disasters can impact shipping channels and may cause delays. 

If you are interested in becoming a TrueForm-approved dealer please contact our Sales team or apply HERE.

We offer a referral/affiliate program through Refersion. Once you have purchased your first treadmill you can apply to become an affiliate. For any clients and friends that purchase a TrueForm treadmill, we will pay you an affiliate commission.

TrueForm brought running to Crossfit and we hold a worldwide exclusive license to manufacture using the shallowest curve on the market.

We offer exclusive discounts through the Crossfit Affiliate Network. Click HERE or contact our sales team.

If you want to purchase equipment that has a guarantee that will be honored into the future, TrueForm is the obvious choice.

Warranty & Servicing

TrueForm offers Best in Class warranties for both our Trainer and Runner.

To contact our service and tech department please use our Contact form and add "tech support" at the top of your message.

The TrueForm Runner holds a Best in Class Warranty and we warranty our frame for 20 years! The longest warranty of any treadmill we know of. We don't believe you will need it, but if you do - we stand by our products.

Download the full Warranty Here

The TrueForm Trainer holds a Best in Class Warranty and we warranty our frame for 10 years! Unlike many of our competitors, we stand by our products. Feel free to compare, we know you will be happy!

Download the full Warranty Here