Legacy Fit - No Days Off TRUEFORM®

Legacy Fit - No Days Off TRUEFORM®

TRUEFORM Curved Manual Treadmills are the choice of Legacy Fit Wynwood

Manning Sumner is the founder of Legacy gyms in Miami. After years of training professional athletes and A-list celebs, Manning developed a fitness system called Partner Interval Training P.I.T. ® that made professional-level fitness results accessible to everyone. This system has taken South Florida by storm. No Days Off is the driving philosophy behind the system, and it has grown into a movement that just keeps accelerating - and one of the cornerstones of that system? The TRUEFORM Runner - simple, solid, always ready, never down.

Trueform Runner Curved Treadmills - the choice of commercial gyms like Legacy Fit Wynwood, FL

Combining great people with a system backed by science, Partner Interval Training (PIT) increases speed, power, endurance and metabolic rate - helping you burn fat faster.

PIT Partner Interval Training can help increase speed, power, endurance, and metabolic rate, helping you burn fat faster. The combination of HIIT and resistance training produces more of an afterburn than steady-state cardio for up to 21 hours post-exercise you are burning fat.

Legacy’s PIT system is also safe and for all fitness levels. It allows each participant to adjust each station's weights and intensity level. Most people lack motivation, need accountability and want variety when it comes to exercise and Legacy covers all three.