TRUEFORM For Amputee Rehabilitation

TRUEFORM For Amputee Rehabilitation

What makes TRUEFORM treadmills ideal for amputee rehabilitation?

Amputee rehabilitation is a crucial process that requires the right equipment to ensure effective recovery. Regarding treadmills, TRUEFORM stands out as the perfect choice for the task. With its shallow curved design and non-motorized functionality, TRUEFORM treadmills offer numerous benefits that aid in the rehabilitation process.

Improved Gait

One of the key advantages of using TRUEFORM treadmills for amputee rehabilitation is the improvement in gait. The curved treadmill design promotes a more natural walking or running motion, allowing amputees to develop a smoother and more balanced gait, essential for restoring mobility and confidence.

Ease of Use

TRUEFORM treadmills are incredibly user-friendly, making them suitable for individuals with varying levels of mobility. The non-motorized feature allows users to control the speed and intensity by adjusting their own pace. This level of control is particularly beneficial for amputees who may need to start with slower speeds and gradually increase their intensity as they progress in their rehabilitation.

Low Impact

Amputees often face challenges with joint and muscle strain. TRUEFORM treadmills offer a low-impact workout, reducing the stress on joints and muscles. The curved surface of the treadmill absorbs shock and provides a cushioned landing, minimizing the risk of injuries and allowing for a comfortable and safe rehabilitation experience.

Sam Schaefer's Video Review 


Sam Schaefer, an adaptive athlete, an amputee, and a veteran- Explains why the TRUEFORM curved non-motorized treadmills are perfect for rehabilitating amputees. In his video, he highlights the unique features and benefits of TRUEFORM treadmills, providing valuable insights and recommendations for amputees and physical therapists.