Spotlight X4 Fitness: TrueForm vs. Treadmill

Spotlight X4 Fitness: TrueForm vs. Treadmill

TrueForm is ahead of the curve when it comes to all non-motorized curved treadmills. Not only is it durable but, it's also the smoothest and quietest treadmill on the market. Engaging more muscle, burning more calories and lowering your risk of injury from impact.

But don't just take our word for it. 

X⁴ Fitness Mountain Brook is a group exercise fitness training facility offering the high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology, X⁴. In the one-hour class, participants rotate between four unique blocks of TRX, TrueForm, Capacity and Strength. The movements and equipment vary daily to provide an engaging and effective workout for each class.  

So why did X4 choose a TrueForm over a traditional treadmill? 

Here's what X4 had to say:

"There are multiple benefits that come with the use of a TrueForm over a treadmill. The first of those is the fact that it is self-propelled and self-paced. A normal treadmill requires you to set a speed for yourself. That is no longer the case here. Whether you want to run, jog or walk all can be done within a second on the TrueForm. This gives you a more natural pace where you can speed up or slow down as your body needs to when your body needs to. 

Another benefit of a TrueForm is the fact that it’s not about speed. Unlike treadmills, TrueForms are made for those who are looking for less of a training exercise and more of a calorie-burning exercise. A TrueForm will give you the same benefits whether you’re walking or running. This also provides a sense of comfort for our users as it lessens any ‘gymidation’ knowing you can and should go at your own speed.  

The best benefit of the TrueForm is that it statistically provides a better workout than a treadmill will. It’s been reported that runners work about 30 percent harder on the curved, non-motorized treadmills and that runners on a curved treadmill, like a TrueForm, increased their oxygen consumption by 32% and increased their heart rate by 16%. These statistics alone show that you’re getting a better workout. The higher your heart rate is, the more calories you’re burning. Plus, you get to do it at your own pace"

Hey gym owners
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