I'm Running from LA to Vegas

I'm Running from LA to Vegas

I’ve been sitting on this for a while…

Four months back on my social channels, @zack_nagle , I mentioned I was starting to train for the biggest test of my endurance and strength to date and I left it at that.

Quite a cliffhanger. And not necessarily an intended one.

But here we are 4 months later and 8 weeks out from said event:

2023 The Speed Project SOLO mission

TSP is an invite-only underground/unsanctioned ultra-race that starts at the Santa Monica Pier and finishes at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign on the LV strip.

300-ish + mile run. Point to point. No official course. #norules, #nospectators, no aid stations, no finishers t-shirts/medals, just bragging rights.

The competition is between relay teams and in recent years solo runners who dare to run it all. That's where I come in.

March 20th at 4am I take off with other solo runners with miles of pavement, desert and unknowns ahead.

Back in September I had this plan to document this whole journey. Running is a storyteller's sport. I’ve been documenting. It just wasn’t the right time to start telling it.

With 8 weeks left. Consider this the preface. 

I'll be back weekly with insights on how exactly I am training, and utilizing TrueForm, to cover this 300 mile journey.

Talk soon!