In January 2018, Nick Wishart will join a handful of runners to take on the World Marathon Challenge. And what a challenge it will be! Seven marathons in seven days across all seven continents. Clearly what makes this running feat so formidable is the consecutive days of travel across the world between marathons. Recovery will be paramount.

Nick is already honing in on his ability to recovery, and he has some great help in his corner to help him continue to improve his resiliency. To name a few; Dr. Mark Cucuzzella, Industrial Revolution CrossFit's coaching staff, and TRUEFORM will be behind Nick has much as possible before his departure to Antarctica. Before he deals with that cold welcome, Nick intends on spending a large portion of his training year on the TrueForm Runner. Nick recently unveiled his newly minted Runner to his gym family in Pawtucket, RI, and is eager to get started with it. ~ photo credit ~ Whitney Parkinson 

When asked how the TRUEFORM will impact his training Nick replied, "I never would've spent five minutes on any sort of treadmill until I connected with Brian and Lauren [of TrueForm Runner] and started running on it. Dr. Mark and others have told me that in terms of recovery, efficient running form is as important as proper nutrition and rest." If a runner moves well during the running cycle; energy goes directly towards the primary tasks of attenuating shock and propelling forward without energy going to unnecessary motions or motions that inhibit running. Providing an environment in which running motions that are efficient and inefficient are immediately noticeable is one of the principal purposes of the TRUEFORM. The slight upward curve on the deck of the TRUEFORM cues a user to stay in the sweet spot in order to sustain the milling of tread. This offers users the opportunity to learn kinesthetically on the run (pun intended). An efficient runner has less biomechanical breakdown therefore less recovery is needed. 


"If you don't do damage there really is no recovery that's the whole point. When you eat well and move well, and don't run too hard, there is no damage and you wake up each day feeling stronger." - Dr. Mark 
We are thrilled that Nick, a runner who has historically avoided treadmills, has felt the difference in our Runner so much so that he believes it will be a tool that will help him accomplish such an incredible feat. This will certainly be a living blog post with updates throughout the year leading up to the WMC 2018. For more information about Nick and the great benefitting charities of his journey check out his event website. 
P.S. I have run seven consecutive marathons before, 185 For Heroesbenefiting Operation Second Chance, and while my biomechanics held up well enough over the week for me to run my fastest on the last day, my endocrine system crashed hard mid week. Sleeping became harder than running. The fourth, fifth, and sixth nights I managed a crippling 2 - 3 hours of sleep. Thank goodness I had trained so much efficient movement while running and walking on the TRUEFORM, and then transferring those refined movement patterns to my outdoor running and hiking because I believe it was what got me through the all 7 runs. I never ran 26.2 miles each day of the week for a week straight during training, nor did I do a lot of research on refueling strategy for such an endurance event. This all led me to be ill-prepared in dealing with nutritional deficits through the week which led to my lack of rest. While I was crushing a bunch of food during that week, I was clearly not eating the right ratio of fuel types. I was primarily fat adapted in my nutrition, and was getting plenty of fat during the week. I was avoiding a lot of carbohydrates, big mistake. Looking back at it, I did not fully understand my biochemistry and I believe I should have had much more carbohydrates along with all that fat and protein in my refueling strategy.