Big Fish 2022

Big Fish 2022


Trueform is back this year as a sponsor for the 3rd Annual Big Fish Fundraiser May 14-16th!

Supporting the Veteran Community, the Big Fish Foundation's intent is to create a stage that will showcase teamwork, esprit, challenge, competition, struggle and the attitudes/ capabilities that arise to overcome adversity. 

TrueForm first sponsored Big Fish in 2020 with the Diesel Day Challenge

This challenge saw 5 veterans (one from each branch) compete with 5 athletes in a last man standing event: 

Alternating every hour on the hour:⁣
2.5m on the TrueForm Trainer⁣
2.5m Trail Run⁣ Body Weight Bench Press for reps with time remaining for bonus points⁣ ⁣

You can watch the recap here

What will this years event consist of??

..Stay Tuned

To learn more, donate and support the Big Fish event visit