Branford, Connecticut, home of the nation's first hospice, is also home to our feature facility - Armazém Fusion Fitness. This facility is one of first in the nation to offer a running studio for group fitness programming, and is fully equipped with customized TrueForm Runners. Seen in the gallery below are some of Armazém's other amenities and equipment provided for their members.


Classes at Armazém include boxing, rowing, cycling, functional movement, cycling + TRX, bootcamp, and most importantly (yes, we're biased) running. Inside of this polished facility, are 15 TRUEFORM RUNNERS! Armazém was one of the earliest adopters of an indoor running studio for group running classes, an idea that we have supported since our beginning and continue to promote in the health and fitness industry. Armazém calls their running class, Fusion Treadmill


"This 45-minute class provides a foundation for all levels with about 30 minutes of interval and endurance style runs followed by 15 minutes of core work. Fusion Treadmill is here to make your run more fun. Not only is it more fun, its motivating, its exciting. Now we can all do it together at our own individual pace. Fusion Treadmill allows all runners, to run together without having to worry if they will keep up with the group, or if the group will keep up with them. It’s your workout. Its all about you. Fusion Treadmill has fifteen treadmills, which allows you to get constant feedback from our instructors." - Armazém

If you would like more information about our feature facility visit their webpage here, and check out the new era of group fitness! TrueForm is proud to be the treadmill provider for Armazém Fusion Fitness and we look forward to seeing the fine staff there continue to improve their members' quality of life through fun and effective fitness classes.