It's time to add some new flavor to your intervals on the TrueForm Runner. Attention* this is a short term training stimulus,  2 - 4 weeks for the athlete, and once a week for a general fitness program. It does not take place of running at maximum aerobic function heart rate.


I recently read an article on Running Competitor about speeding up the recovery during running intervals and not completing stoping during the recovery segment. This type of application in recovery during speed training has long been around in sports performance, but I rarely see it used by the general public, especially in regards to running intervals on the TrueForm Runner. 


According to the article, Pat Clohessy, an elite Australian running coach of former world marathon record holder, Rob "Deek" de Costella, was a big proponent of this type of speed training.


"Deek" (on the left), Coach Clohessy (on the right). Photo by Clearinghouse for Sport - Clearinghouse for Sport, Australian Sports Commission, CC BY-SA 4.0


Coach Clohessy calls the recovery period "a float" because you continue to run at a pace that allows you to recover even though you are still running. The goal is to run the interval fast, but not so fast that your float becomes too slow (a jog or a walk). In fact the goal is to run the interval at an intensity that will allow for the floating recovery to be at it's fastest pace whilst still recovering enough to run the next 400m interval in the same amount of time.


In the article, the primary workout from Clohessy is an 8 x 400meter workout with 200meter recovery distances. The total distance of this workout is 4800meters, just under 3 miles.


  • Total time of running
  • average 400m times/pace
  • average 200m times/pace


Another format to try is a time format. The article lists a workout that calls for 10 sets of 1:00 minute run - 1:00 minute float. Remember you're choosing an intensity during the run that you can sustain continuously across the 60 seconds, as well as, recover from within 1 minute of floating at your quickest pace. Tricky.


  • Total distance of running
  • average pace of running intervals
  • average pace of floating


Give these two workouts a try on the TrueForm Runner, and post your results below!


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