Zwift on TrueForm

If your running indoors, as many of us are during this world pandemic, Zwift is a fun and interactive way to do it. However, you want to ensure you maintain your running health and running form. The TrueForm is by far your best choice. TrueForm is the most natural running treadmill ever made and it's proven to dramatically improve run form by reducing impact stress, reducing asymmetry, increasing efficiency, and reducing the risk of injury.

If you’re a Zwifter the TrueForm will enhance your run through six virtual worlds, Watopia, Richmond, London, Innsbruck, Yorkshire, and New York. Runners can join organized group rides, races, or workouts with other users.

Why is TrueForm the best choice? USA Triathlon Olympic Coach, Bobby McGee said  “The only way to restore the gait you were built to have in running is through a feel pathway. Form either fits function through countless repetitions or we break down in this process. Unless we have perfect mechanics, are built like an elite runner, and have been gradually building over countless years, the likelihood of breaking is a proven majority statistic! By using the TrueForm this need to break is obviated – if you are NOT executing correctly the TrueForm will not allow you to progress in ways that lead to injury. The TrueForm is every running drill in one functional package – a no-brainer. Every running variable improves with the use of TrueForm – improved stride rate, reduced ground contact time, to mention only two key aspects… Nothing to lose, improved mechanics, and conditioning to gain, enough said!”  

And the good news, if you already have a TrueForm Runner or Trainer this new tech will work on both. The display is now available for preorder at and will ship in May!  

So if you’re stuck indoors, get out there and start Zwifiting with TrueForm today!