Training & Education Sponsorships: The Whiteboard Project & SEAL Future Fund

Training & Education Sponsorships: The Whiteboard Project & SEAL Future Fund

Some really cool projects underway here at TrueForm as we are currently supporting the badass humans of The Whiteboard Project and the SEAL Future Fund with access to TrueForm Runners, and orientations to our training & running education. Both organizations have a mission to positively impact the lives of military veterans who need help transitioning back to civilian life, especially in the arena of mental health support. In effort to raise funding and awareness for their campaigns, both groups have created adversity challenges for themselves to complete in the fall of 2018. Coincidently, each will involve running for up to 24 hours! The Whiteboard Project team will be running on TrueForm Runners locked inside of shipping containers with no light or biometric feedback - like a watch, heart monitor, or treadmill display. Three individuals will participate; John Witzig & Josh Chessman (founders of TWP), and brother in arms - Brian Chontosh of Crooked Butterfly. Each man will be in his own container for a 24 hours running as far as possible while night vision cameras capture and stream their efforts for viewers. The event, titled - Locked & Loaded 24HR, will benefit Soldier On, and take place in Canada's capital city - Ottawa during the annual Army Run.



About a month after LL24HR, and over a thousand miles away in San Diego, CA, three Navy SEALs will attempt to complete the first event in the organization's Specter Series: a 102 mile journey consisting of a two mile ocean swim and one hundred mile run in body armor over the span of 24 hours. TrueForm is not the only major brand behind Navy SEALs, Jonny, Moe, & Caleb support their training efforts; other include - WHOOP, Virginia High Performance, Concept2, Thrive Proactive Health, Sorinex, and more.


Earlier this month, part of the TrueForm team went down to meet the SEALs in Virginia Beach to introduce them to the application of the TrueForm Runner in their training, as well as, instructional sessions on heart rate training, foot strengthening, and properly fitting running shoes. 


We are honored and stoked to be a part of the training solution for both of these groups, as well as, the treadmill of choice for the Locked & Loaded 24HR challenge. Please help us support the success of these events by donating to their causes, sharing their events, and following along their journeys. 


If you are interested in training like these badass homosapiens we will soon be releasing virtual training access! Stay up to date by subscribing to our Weekly Workouts list!