TRUEFORM and Roam Fitness: A Perfect Partnership for Healthy Travelers

TRUEFORM and Roam Fitness: A Perfect Partnership for Healthy Travelers

Roam Fitness has opened its latest fitness location at Philadelphia International Airport, providing travelers with a convenient on-site gym experience. The new facility offers state-of-the-art fitness equipment and amenities to help travelers stay active and maintain their wellness routines while at the airport- Roam Fitness Opens Newest Location at Philadelphia International Airport, Enhancing Traveler Wellness

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A Unique Gym Experience-

Staying fit and healthy while traveling has always been a challenge for frequent flyers and airport employees. Long layovers, jet lag, and unhealthy food options often make it difficult to maintain a balanced lifestyle. However, TRUEFORM, a leading manufacturer of curved non-motorized treadmills, has joined forces with Roam Fitness to address this issue head-on. Their collaboration has resulted in the creation of an innovative airport gym concept that offers a wide range of fitness equipment, amenities, and healthy options for travelers at Philadelphia International Airport.

Roam Fitness, in partnership with TRUEFORM, has introduced a groundbreaking gym within Philadelphia International Airport that is specifically designed to cater to the health and fitness needs of airport employees, flight staff, and travelers. This airport gym is unlike any other, offering a comprehensive suite of amenities that prioritize wellness.

Cutting-Edge Equipment:
At the heart of this fitness haven is the all-white TRUEFORM.RUNNER, a curved non-motorized treadmill renowned for its ergonomic design and ability to mimic the natural movements of running. Unlike traditional treadmills, TRUEFORM.RUNNER relies on the runner's effort to drive the belt, resulting in a more engaging and challenging workout experience. By incorporating this cutting-edge equipment, Roam Fitness is revolutionizing the way travelers exercise at airports.

Healthy Snacks and Amenities:
Understanding the importance of nutrition, Roam Fitness has gone the extra mile by offering a selection of healthy snacks and beverages. With an array of nutritious options readily available, travelers can fuel their bodies with wholesome foods that sustain energy levels and support their overall well-being. Furthermore, the gym boasts individual bathrooms and lockers, ensuring privacy and convenience for gym-goers. The inclusion of an infrared sauna provides a unique opportunity for travelers to unwind and rejuvenate after a long flight or a strenuous workout session.

Promoting a Continuous Healthy Lifestyle:
The collaboration between TRUEFORM and Roam Fitness marks the beginning of a new era for airport gyms. By providing top-of-the-line equipment, healthy snacks, and essential amenities, they are encouraging travelers to prioritize their well-being and embrace a healthy lifestyle even while on the move. This unique partnership aims to inspire other airports around the world to follow suit and incorporate similar fitness facilities to enhance the overall travel experience.

Looking to the Future:
TRUEFORM and Roam Fitness are committed to expanding their collaboration and bringing Roam Fitness's revolutionary airport gym concept to more locations internationally. By partnering with airports, they hope to make healthy living an easily accessible option for all travelers, regardless of their destination. With the ever-increasing demand for wellness-focused amenities in airports, it is likely that TRUEFORM and Roam Fitness will pave the way for a fitness revolution in the travel industry.

The TRUEFORM.RUNNER-equipped Roam Fitness gym at Philadelphia International Airport, represents a significant step forward in promoting a healthy lifestyle for travelers. This airport-specific gym is a testament to the dedication of both companies to improve the well-being of travelers and airport employees. As TRUEFORM and Roam Fitness continue to expand their collaboration, we can expect to see more airport gyms around the country, providing travelers with the opportunity to prioritize their fitness and well-being while on the go!