Unlock Your Running Potential - Train Your feet

Unlock Your Running Potential - Train Your feet

How much of your lifestyle and training environments allow your feet to optimize their function - force attenuation, balance, and force propulsion? Is your training program even considering a focus on the feet?

As the feet improve so will everything above them. The TRUEFORM is a safe and sound environment to begin implementing aspects improving the functions of the feet. It is engineered for human movement. 

Unlock your feet with NABOSO! 

From a performance perspective, athletes who use the Naboso™ TrueForm Runner can significantly improve their running gait, minimize impact stress, increase joint position sense, control force production, and alter impact forces. The treadmill’s Responsive Belt Technology (RBT) enables users to feel when their body is not in the optimal position for walking or running. Poor posture and form results in the belt moving slowly, while proper posture and form moves the belt with ease



Correct your toes

Plantar fasciitis, bunions, bunionettes, hammertoes, turf toe, the list goes on for dysfunction in the almighty feet of the human body. If you are someone with foot discomfort, pain, or injury due to structural weakness in the feet, especially in the front of the foot, then Correct Toes may be a good option for you