Using a TRUEFORM to improve your golf game

Using a TRUEFORM to improve your golf game

While golf may seem like a sport that primarily relies on technical skill and finesse, physical fitness is a crucial component that should not be overlooked. Regular gym workouts help golfers enhance their strength, flexibility, and overall fitness levels, directly translating into improved performance on the course.

With TRUEFORM's goal of providing training solutions to the modern athlete, let's look at three key ways a TRUEFORM RUNNER or TRAINER can help enhance your golf game.


You might be familiar with core training that builds strength and stability through static movements such as planks. But often overlooked is the benefit of training your core through dynamic movement, teaching your body to be strong and balanced while moving with symmetry in every step… or swing.

The TRUEFORM RUNNER and TRAINER provide a unique training tool for improving core strength. Unlike traditional motorized treadmills, a TRUEFORM tread is powered solely by the user's movement. Our patented shallow curved surface and non-motorized design require the individual to engage their core muscles to propel themselves forward actively.

With each step, the core muscles, including the abdominals, obliques, and lower back, are activated to maintain an upright posture and provide stability during the forward motion. These benefits extend beyond the treadmill and can positively impact various physical activities, including sports like golf, where a strong core is essential for generating power and maintaining proper body alignment during the swing.


The benefits of training for aerobic health are seemingly endless. (Check out the aerobic health section of #TRAINTRUE to take a deeper dive)

Unlike traditional motorized treadmills, which dictate the speed, TRUEFORM Tread allows individuals to control their pace entirely through their effort. This means that users engage more muscles and expend more energy to generate forward motion, resulting in a higher-intensity workout while keeping the impact low. Talk about getting more bang for your buck! Regular use of a TRUEFORM tread can improve lung capacity, enhance oxygen uptake, and strengthen the cardiovascular system, leading to improved overall aerobic health.


Less injury equals more golfing! That's an easy equation to get behind, but how do we follow through on making that happen?

The golf swing puts significant stress on the body, particularly on the spine, shoulders, and wrists. Strengthening the muscles surrounding these areas and improving flexibility and mobility reduces the risk of common golf-related injuries and overuse problems. Using a TRUEFORM Tread can be highly beneficial for injury prevention in golf. The unique design of our curved treadmill promotes a more natural and biomechanically efficient running or walking motion, which helps reduce the risk of common golf-related injuries.

The curved surface encourages a midfoot or forefoot strike, distributing the impact forces more evenly throughout the lower body, minimizing stress on the joints, such as the knees and ankles. This reduced impact can be particularly advantageous for golfers who may already experience joint pain or have a history of lower body injuries.

With your upper body, engaging in exercises that target the rotator cuff, for instance, can enhance shoulder stability and reduce the likelihood of shoulder injuries commonly associated with golfing. You might be wondering how a TRUEFORM can improve your shoulder strength. Well, let me tell you. As discussed above, the non-motorized nature of the TRUEFORM allows users to control their pace and stride length but to stay upright and balanced, and your arms must be coordinated with each step. 

Your arm swing is the contralateral movement of the legs while walking or running. Simply put, the function of your arm swing is directly correlated to the action and efficiency of how well your legs move. The upper motion of the arm swing controls your stride frequency (how quickly or slowly you cycle your legs), while the downward action controls the stride length (hip, knee, and ankle extension). By improving your arm swing, you will start to move more fluidly and give yourself a low-impact way to improve shoulder mobility, prevent shoulder tightness, and reduce injuries.


Training in the gym plays a crucial role in improving one's golf game, and TRUEFORM is here to keep you swinging.