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"So glad I found Zack! I try running but don't get far before I quit. Following Zack keeps me going and I have been able to stay with him all the way through!!!


TrueForm plus is your headquarters for the latest in running education and training. Backed by leading educators, doctors and athletic performances. Everything we do is built around these five pillars:

FORM - Movement, whether it is walking, running or lifting, requires balance and symmetry. One of the simplest principles of staying healthy and injury free is maintaining balance in all planes, front to back and side to side. Form is an art that is molded.

AEROBIC HEALTH - The aerobic system plays a vital and primary role in all physical activity and sports. By developing your aerobic system you can see improvements in your recovery, strength, body composition, and even the way your body processes nutrients.

STRENGTH - Developing strength is about teaching your body to generate force at the right time. Through proper strength training, we can not only improve athletic potential but improve the quality of movement in everyday life.

NUTRITION - We take a practical approach to nutrition by focusing on whole foods for optimal health and enhanced performance fueling your body for the goals and demands you face.

RECOVERY- Recovery makes us stronger, physically and mentally. Recovery from everyday physical activities, training and competition allows the body to build itself up more than before.

- Zack Nagle
Director of Performance of TrueForm Running

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I Re-did the MAF test after about 3 months and ran over a half-mile further! Once again that's just proof to me that Zack's training ideology works and I'm going to keep working on it!


I love the training videos! Love the fact that there's a program to keep me running and keep me from getting injured which has been an issue in the past.


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