APN Webinar Series: Incorporating TRUEFORM into CrossFit Workouts
APN Webinar Series: Incorporating TRUEFORM into CrossFit Workouts: Zack Nagle is an endurance athlete & veteran of the fitness industry most recently and currently serving as Director of Performance for TrueForm Running. Specializing in coaching running performance & mechanics Zack trains athletes from virtually every sport ranging from youth beginner to the professional level empowering individuals to reach their performance potential.
Running your first Marathon?
Are you lining up at the starting line of your first 26.2 this fall? If so, the team here at TrueForm Runner want to first say congratulations for taking this big step in your running career. It’s an exhilarating and rewarding experience fraught with a host of accompanying feelings ranging from nerves and doubt to the sheer physical pain of sustaining an increased training load over several months.
Running for Health
So much of the coaching and programs for runners focus on performance improvement, however, if you’re new to running, or simply running for fun or fitness, that advice can fall on deaf ears. Do I need to even follow a program you...
Track or Turf - Only on a TrueForm

TrueForm Runner is the ONLY Treadmill to offer artificial field turf and running tack surface. Now you can train on a sports specific surface with your cleats or spikes.


FORM FRIDAY: Lose Posture, Lose Power
FORM FRIDAY There is a noticeable difference in running with your hips in the right position versus the wrong position, which is why the TrueForm is such a powerful tool. The TrueForm provides you with real time feedback to keep you running True!...
Transfer Your indoor Training Results To Race Day
“If you want to break treadmill records this is not your treadmill. If you want to break personal records outside this is your treadmill.” Dan Empfield, Slowtwitch    Transfer Your Indoor Training Results To Your Race  TrueForm Runner delivers a natural running...
High Performance Heart
This article was originally posted on   Love is in the air, on the mind, and filling up the shelves of your local pharmacy. It’s that time of year when we go out of our way to show a little...
SHOE REVIEW / / High Performance Sandals - Shamma Warriors
Yes, that's right..."high performance sandals"'s a thing...and if ya don't know, now ya know. With spring thaw in effect here on the East Coast, sandal season has begun! Paired with Trail - Midweight Injinjisocks, the Warrioris the most minimal trail running sandal...