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The most subtle curve available with a natural feel like running outside

Live & On-Demand: Workouts, Tips, & Full online Marathon & OCR courses

TrueForm Training

TrueForm the gold standard of non-motorized treadmills brings you unsurpassed training.  Get started today with live workouts, on demand tips and even online courses for marathon and OCR Races. 

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World's Toughest Treadmill

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Customize your TrueForm

Design your Trainer or Runner to fit your garage gym with custom decals. From camo accents for your Trainer to logos for your Runner make one of a kind!  

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Editors Choice

“It forces you to run with good posture. It’s responsive to changes in your position and allows you to accelerate quickly. The realistic running surface will last far longer than a typical treadmill."

10 Best Treadmills

"The TrueForm Runner is by far the beefiest, most overbuilt treadmill I’ve ever reviewed. If you want to sprint or interval-train with true intensity on a treadmill, this is the way to go."

A Better Treadmill

"I immediately felt that natural running feel with a relaxed gait. I almost didn’t realize it was not motorized. It also was quiet like a run through the woods. It's a natural workout that can actually improve gait mechanics, and even be therapeutic."

The Antidote to the Peloton

"I am now a firm believer in the power of the TrueForm curved manual treadmill to help improve my form while using less electricity (hello, eco-friendly!) and giving me that interactive at-home workout experience I’ve craved."

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