Easiest Way To Determine Shoe Fit

Easiest Way To Determine Shoe Fit

If you do not want to impair your foot function, and therefore performance, wear shoes that fit properly! Many athletes we come into contact with wear shoes that are too short and too narrow for their feet, and so we teach them the basics about properly fitting shoes in order to prevent it from happening again. It is incredibly simple to choose the right pair of shoes for your feet.


Step 1: Remove the insole from the shoe.


Step 2:  Put the insole on ground, and place your corresponding foot on top of the insole.



Step 3: Inspect the length and width of your foot in relation to the length and width of the insole.



 *The shoe for this insole would be too narrow and too short.


*The shoe for this insole would be long enough, but not wide enough.



Lastly, if a shoe does not have a removable insole, simply place your foot on top of the shoe itself. Also, try the shoe on and if you do not have any space in front of your big toe then the shoe is too short, and if you cannot splay your toes out to their full width then the shoe is too narrow. 

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