There is a noticeable difference in running with your hips in the right position versus the wrong position, which is why the TrueForm is such a powerful tool.

The TrueForm provides you with real time feedback to keep you running True!

Here's a quick tip before you go out on your next run

Oftentimes we have good intention of getting hip extension when running but end up reaching or rounding our lower back trying to get it. ⁣

Proper, feel good running form, is a product of posture and solid posture includes an engaged trunk. Without this, not only will your form suffer, but we can avoid loss of any ground reaction force eliminating force bleeding. Or simply the loss of energy potential⁣⁣
Clip the link below to see what I mean in action! The clip was taken from one of our many on demand follow a long workouts that you can find in our TrueForm Training app! Check it out today.