Running for Health

Running for Health

So much of the coaching and programs for runners focus on performance improvement, however, if you’re new to running, or simply running for fun or fitness, that advice can fall on deaf ears. Do I need to even follow a program you may be asking yourself? While it is a good idea to have a training plan, don’t let that lack of structure get in the way of overall health goals. 

Running is the oldest form of movement and for the most part, everyone has the ability to run whether they like the sport or not. You do not need to hire a coach or take a class. Just hop on a treadmill or head out the door for an out-and-back distance run or jog. It should come naturally because we all ran when we were kids, right? 

One of our guiding principles at TRUEFORM is to stick to the basics, so we suggest the following 5 best practices to get started: 

  • Alternate between walking and light jogging if you’re new to the sport. This does not need to be structured, you can execute by feel. Fartlek (“speed play”) is a Swedish term for random running intervals designed to tap into 2 different energy systems - fast and slow, so go ahead and apply that approach here.
  • Track your distance, pace, jogging intervals, or simply record the total time spent moving.
  • Do not try to run an entire mile if you have not run a mile in more than 3 months. Maybe your goal is not even to run a full mile. That’s totally fine. You will still be increasing your aerobic capacity and improving your health.
  • The principle of specificity means you get what you train for, so spending time on a bike or rower will not translate to running fitness gains. You must run, walk, or jog, to increase your running endurance.
  • Fitness gains are made while the body rests (not during the workout), so make sure your recovery game is strong!

We’d love to hear what’s motivating you to get started! And we always like hearing from our friends out there, so keep us posted on your progress.

#RunTru Team at TrueForm

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