“If you want to break treadmill records this is not your treadmill. If you want to break personal records outside this is your treadmill.” Dan Empfield, Slowtwitch 


Transfer Your Indoor Training Results To Your Race 

TrueForm Runner delivers a natural running workout that improves gait mechanics. The TrueForm has no motor and relies 100% on the user's energy to move the belt.

“The only way to restore the gait you were built to have in running is through a feel pathway. Form either fits function through countless repetitions or we break down in this process. Unless we have perfect mechanics, are built like an elite runner and have been gradually building over countless years, the likelihood of breaking is a proven majority statistic! By using the TrueForm this need to break is obviated – if you are NOT executing correctly the TrueForm will not allow you to progress in ways that lead to injury. The TrueForm is every running drill in one functional package – a no-brainer. Every running variable improves with the use of TrueForm – improved stride rate, reduced ground contact time, to mention only two key aspects… Nothing to lose, improved mechanics and conditioning to gain, enough said!” Bobby McGee, USA Triathlon Olympic Coach

The TrueForm is intuitive and reacts to subtleties in your movement. When you engage the correct running principles, the TrueForm feels smooth and natural. When you don’t engage proper running principles, the belt is less responsive and feels more difficult to move. Start training today with these simple tips

TrueForm 5 Principles of Running:

Stand Tall: 

  • Imagine your column stacked under your head
  • Look straight ahead to the horizon
  • Ball of foot and heel are level on ground

Strong & Stable Core: 

  • Core = abdominals, hips, and glutes
  • Strong and stable while in motion
  • Proper timing of nerves and muscles (neuromuscular)
  • Allows optimal energy transfer from the ground

Arm & Hand Position:

  • Your arm movement sets your rhythm
  • Elbows at 90 degrees
  • Relaxed rearward drive of elbow
  • Arms reflexively come forward
  • Knuckles close to sternum

Feet Contact:

  • Feet land under center of gravity
  • Full foot contacts ground
  • Legs store and release energy use glutes to get foot down 
  • Generate more spring and power

Cadence & Rhythm:

  • Harness the energy from your springs
  • Engage the glutes and pop off the ground
  • Extend hips to propel forward
  • Cadence 170-180 steps per minute