TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ Curved Treadmill
TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ Curved Treadmill
TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ Curved Treadmill
TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ Curved Treadmill
2023 Trueform Trainer
2023 Trueform Trainer
2023 Trueform Trainer
2023 Trueform Trainer
2023 Trueform Trainer
2023 Trueform Trainer

TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ Curved Treadmill

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  • Best-in-Class Warranty
  • Designed for you. Please allow 6 weeks for delivery.

The TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ is a curved manual treadmill. It is a rugged, quality-built cardio solution for any home gym or sports facility. Designed to be virtually maintenance-free the non-motorized TRUEFORM.TRAINER™ is great for the environment - no electricity needed.

The TRUEFORM.TRAINER is a Get On and Go Workout. Simple and user-friendly for all ages and skill levels - and ideal for team events and relays. It offers a budget-conscious alternative to the USA hand-crafted RUNNER and its lighter weight and compact size make it easy to move and maneuver for indoor and outdoor HIIT and other competitive sporting events. Want to take your TRAINER up a mountain? No problem, we’ve done that!

Make no mistake, the TRUEFORM.TRAINER is still a workhorse of a treadmill, with its steel frame construction and heavy-duty, impact absorbing slatted running surface handling users up to 400 pounds running at top speed.

With its gentle curve of 2.5 inches from the lowest part of the curve to the highest point near the front and rear, the TRAINER provides the least steep curve on the market, which promotes good walking, running, and sprinting form. The shallow curve also allows you to easily and safely control your speed.

The proprietary Responsive Belt Technology™ reacts to every subtlety in your movement – balance, posture, hip position, foot strike and more – creating the most natural treadmill running surface and experience when compared to running outdoors. You will immediately feel when your body is not in the optimal position for running or walking. The runner has to be in balance at all times, improving core strength. Although you will feel the difference immediately, both on and off the Trainer, long term use of TRUEFORM™ treadmills will promote better movement patterns improving overall health and wellness.

Training on the TRUEFORM.TRAINER treadmill results in less stress, more effort, 33% higher calorie-burn, more balanced movement, and running under properly positioned load to support your own bodyweight, all while reducing the risk of running injury. Run strong and stay injury free!

    Making a TRUEFORM purchase is an important step towards meeting your goals and we want to help you find the right configuration.

    Contact us below and we'll get started on making your dream treadmill!

    Trueform Runner Curved Manual Treadmill
    Trueform Trainer Curved Manual Treadmill

    This handy guide will enable you to compare the Runner and Trainer side by side.




    Made in the USA

    No (South Korea)

    Yes (Chester, CT)



    Lightly Textured
    Powder Coat Finish

    Zinc Plated Undercoat /
    Textured Powder Coat Finish


    Custom Branding

    Decals are an available option

    Custom Frame Paint and Decals to reflect your branding is an option




    Tread Surface

    Molded Thermoplastic Elaastimer

    Bonded Kraiburg® Thermolast
    Overmold Elastomer


    Tread Options

    Not available

    5/8”/1.59 cm depth
    Artificial Turf or
    Rubberized Red/Blue Running Track, Naboso™



    Handles and wheels
    for ease of movement





    Uses Electricity





    Maximum Load/
    User weight

    400 lbs / 181 kgs
    ( running or walking)

    700 lbs (317 kgs) walking
    or 450 lbs (204 kgs) running top speed



    Calories used compared to a motorized treadmill

    33% more

    43% more




    64" x 31" x 63"
    163 x 79 x 160 cm

    64" x 36" x 63"
    163 x 91.5 x 160cm



    Running Surface

    17" wide x 54” long
    43 cm wide x 137 cm long

    17" wide x 54” long
    43 cm wide x  137 cm long



    Height of Deck
    from Ground

    35.6 cm

    28 cm


    Unit Weight

    300 lbs
    136 kgs

    350 lbs
    159 kgs


    Shipping DIMs

    73” x 32” x 24” and 326lbs
    185 x 81 x 61 cm and 148 kgs

    70” x 40” x 21” and 400lbs
    178 x 102 x 53 cm and 181 kgs



    Inner Frame

    Formed and Welded
    7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel

    Formed and Welded
    7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel


    Outer Frame

    Steel Tubing

    Formed and Welded
    7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel




    Formed and Welded
    7 Gauge/4.5 mm Steel



    2"/5 cm
    Formed Steel Tubing

    2"/5 cm
    Formed Steel Tubing


    Handrail Uprights

    6"/15 cm
    Formed Steel Tubing

    6"/15 cm
    Formed Steel Tubing



    Polyurethane Reinforced

    Polyurethane with Steel Radial


    Tread Lower

    Molded Polymer

    Fiberglass reinforced nylon



    112 Sealed
    Steel Ball Bearings

    106 Sealed
    Steel Ball Bearings



    Injection Molded Polymer

    Turned and Tooled
    Solid Aluminum



    LCD Battery
    (BT Optional)

    Bright LED Rechargeable Battery (BT Optional)


    Performance Adapter


    Available Option

    TRUEFORM.RUNNER: The original owner of a TRUEFORM.RUNNER will hold a Best in Class Warranty.  We stand by our frames for 20 years - the longest warranty of any treadmill we know of!

    We don't believe you will need it, but if you do - we stand by our products.

    TRUEFORM.TRAINER: The original owner of a TRUEFORM.TRAINER will hold a Best in Class Warranty.  We stand by our frames for 10 years. Unlike many of our competitors, we stand by our products.

    Feel free to compare, we know you will be happy!

    Download the full Warranty Here



    For Runners and Trainers monitor accuracy is considered within a +/- 5%


    Trueform Surprise

    I was nervous about my Trueform purchase. I had never used a manual treadmill before but I heard a lot of positive reviews of the technology. I can say that it is all true. I would never use a motorIzed treadmill again if given the option.

    Robert J.
    USA - Runner Powder Black

    and my clients love them too! They are super durable! They've been great for training athletes, the general population, and I'm using them to train myself to run over 100 miles at one time.

    Chase Bandolik Training
    Northbrook IL - Runner Powder Black
    Helps improve your actual runs times.

    You’re the “motor” and will expend more energy to keep the 65LB belt moving. Noticeable improvement when I’m on actual pavement. Great piece of gear.

    Rich R., USA

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